Interview: Terry Milla

Can you tell us a little about yourself? Terry Milla: Terry Milla aka Milla-Terry is a veteran Atlanta real-rap / truth-hop recording artist, producer/composer, pianist, engineer, visionary, entrepreneur, martial artist with a sound that is both new and classic. As one of Atlanta’s original grassroots lyricists he has a unique perspective. Being able to create great music that is still commercially marketable is a sign of a true artist. Terry Milla is such an artist. He can go from socially conscious songs like “A Light in the Darkness” to a hood anthem like “Come On”, then to a melodic radio single like "Skyfallz" without gimmicks and each song is authentically and uniquely dope. His sound has a wide range and he has the ability and freedom to adapt to any topic. Terry Milla has been featured in Source Magazine (Unsigned Hype / Independent’s Day), Black Beat Magazine, Solis Magazine, International Music Magazine, & Trace Magazine, has toured with the AND-1 basketball team, has written jingles for the Star & Buckwild Morning Show (formerly on HOT 97.5 New York), and has written songs that were placed on TrueBlood (HBO), Sleeping Dogs (PlayStation/XBox), The Gardener (Movie), and Switched at Birth (TV). He has traveled across the United States and internationally to perform live and showcase his talents for large audiences.

After a stint with Noontime Music and several subsequent offers from major labels, he decided to start his own entertainment company, 100 TRILLION ENTERTAINMENT, to release his own music, maintain creative control, and create his own destiny. Terry Milla states: “We live in a different world now. With the internet, digital distro, and social media, the fans have direct access to the artists. It’s a global market that we can run locally. Even the majors have to integrate technology and internet marketing into their business model to survive”.

What inspired you to get started? Terry Milla: A genuine love for music and creativity. When you record a song it has energy in it. That energy will still be alive when you're dead and gone. Music artistry is a form of immortality.

What are you currently working on?

Terry Milla: Many great things. A new video and single, "A Light in the Darkness" coming soon. A motivational project, "Invincible Warrior" done. A new album, "A Prince In Peasant's Clothes" done. A follow-up album "Off Tha Leash" in the mixing/mastering phase. An instrumental piano project, "Ten Thousand Days" almost finished. A plant-based cookbook in the works. A new clothing line "Hoodthink Apparel". Here's the link to the apparel/gear:!/ and new beats/instrumental album, "Mob Tinted" out now. Here's that link:

What is the concept behind your latest project? Terry Milla: The upcoming album, "A Prince in Peasant's Clothes" concept comes from the Ancient Masters. It means that Divine Royalty walks among us but we are blind to their True Identity. The Great Prince appears to be nothing more than a common peasant.

What is the best piece of advice in this business you actually used? Terry Milla: Work ethic. Being a Man of Your Word. Originality. Integrity.

How do you feel about the current state of music? Terry Milla: Mixed emotions. Mumble rap is depressing and uninspiring. Everybody wants to be a superstar and all the clones sound alike. On the other hand, there are some good new cats out too pushing the envelope but not many in the mainstream media.

What is your main goal as far as music? Terry Milla: I came to change the rap game. To challenge all stereotypes. You don't have to have a prison record to release a hit record.

What separates you from other artists? (What's makes you different?)

Terry Milla: There's only one Terry Milla. I say what other people won't. I'm my Authentic Self. I've turned down several "deals" over the years cuz it wasn't the right move. I never sold out. I could've been put out some bull$hi! to get a quick check. Like I said, I genuinely love the music.

What can we expect from you in the future?

Terry Milla: Expect the standard to get higher and higher. I will always raise the bar. Expect me to come harder, faster, better, stronger, & wiser every time.

Where can the fans check out your music news? Terry Milla:

Everything is on the site: music, videos, beats, mixing/mastering, clothing, social media links, martial sciences, plant-based recipes, and other resources.


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