Interview: Jakes End

Can you tell us a little about yourself? Jakes End: Well my name is Jakes End I’m Bronx New York & I create all my music out of my closet in my bedroom lol , I consider my self a very Versatile artist , I just make what I feel mostly . How long have you been creating songs? Jakes End: Umm I’ve been writing since I was 12 but I didn’t start recording seriously until maybe like a year ago when I finally decided to buy my own equipment. What inspired you to get started? Jakes End: Well I grew up listening to all types of music because of my mother , she would listen to music every night when I was a kid & that music would vary from 80s music , 90s music you name it so you know I would say , music has always been around me & ive always had a thing for writing too , so it was easy for me to get into music . How would you describe your sound/style? Jakes End: Well I’m big on rock music , I love bands like nirvana , Alice In Chains , Korn because those lead singers to those groups have such a unique & distinctive sound so I’m kind of fascinated with having a distinctive sound but yea deff a lot of rock influence I would say . Who are your current inspirations in the music industry? Jakes End: Well I have a top 5 right now it’s Eminem ,kid cudi , Travis Scott , xxx & lil peep .

How do you go about writing a song and what is your process? Jakes End: I like to play the beat back to the beginning over & over as I write & continue to add line after line but usually I finish songs in like 10 mins especially if I’m really feeling the beat . What are you currently working on? Jakes End:I have a few projects that I’m working on with different groups of people I’m really trying to make shit happen for my self this year for sure.

What is the concept behind your latest project? Jakes End: Well my upcoming project I’m working will deal with concepts like addiction, heart break , rage you name it lol deff some hype shit on there won’t be too sad . Any plans on touring to promote your latest project? Jakes End: Not right now I need to build more of a fan base first but I would like to start doing more shows this year & get my self out there more because I have a lot to offer . What Would you buy with your first check off music?

Jakes End: I’m not really sure but I would love to take a trip to the UK or even live there . What are your must-haves when you're in the studio creating?

Jakes End: My phone lol , something to drink ummm idk I don’t need much but deff a comfortable space to record in for sure that’s why I like to record home or sometimes I record on the go at other places . What is the best piece of advice in this business you actually used? Jakes End: Well I’ve had friends who’ve taken there shot at making it in the music industry it’s not easy but one thing they’ve all mentioned is your Image is everything, so I think that falls in line with originality atleast it does for me . Will you be collaborating with any other artists in the future?

Jakes End: I’m open to collaborations but I don’t force em so idk let’s see . Do you think your music is mostly enjoyed more for the beats or for the lyrical flow and content? Jakes End: I would hope people would enjoy both . What area do you need to improve on in regards to your career? (Example: Better production, Delivery, Stage presence, etc..) Jakes End: Production is getting better as I go I would say , delivery I think I got that I mean shit I’ve only been at it for over 10 years lol & yea maybe stage presence when I start performing cause I’m like a stick on stage performing lol What's your all-time favorite song?

Jakes End: Shit idk but I love in your eyes by Peter Gabriel lol In your opinion who is the most influential and successful artist in your genre today and why? Jakes End: Fuck deff lil peep may he Rest In Peace , such a fucking icon I’m honored I got a chance to meet his mom and brother last year at this pop up shop for this birthday I’m deff a big fan . How do you feel about the current state of music? Jakes End: Needs more artist with actual talent for sure . What is your main goal as far as music? Jakes End: To spread awareness about things that a lot of people are scared to talk about & to be able to be myself & to inspire others to be themselves too . Who would you say your music relates to the most?

Jakes End: People dealing with depression & mental shit . What separates you from other artists? (What's makes you different?) Jakes End: I think the fact that I’m versatile & you never really know what style or approach I’ll take in my music so a lot of mystery to me lol If you could work with any producer who would it be? Jakes End: Dr fucking Dre !! What is your dream venue to perform at? Jakes End: Rolling loud would be cool . What artist music are you currently a fan of? Jakes End: My music lol What can we expect from you in the future? Jakes End: Everything expect a lot for sure lol Anything else you wanna add? Jakes End: Thank you for the chance to be heard real quick I’ve never done anything like this so thank you . Where can the fans check out your music news?

Jakes End: I have Instagram which is Jakes under score end & I have music on iTunes , sound cloud , Spotify pretty much every platform you can think of.


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