Youngnicee ft. YXNG K.A - We Alright (Official Video)

Youngnicee and YXNG K.A just hit the music world with a fire track and video that you will want to run back to play a second or third time. "We Alright" is a feel-good track that would fit perfectly on your weekend playlist. It inspires you to taking the time to relax with your folks and have a good time without worrying about the stress of the world. YXNG K.A and Youngnicee both ride the beat effortlessly with flows that successfully compliment each other with their different approaches in timbre. The song compels you to sit back and chill, but these artists are hitting you with heavy energy and bars that bring a different type of energy than you might not first expect from the intro. Videographer Tayyofficial uses dim lighting but high energy small crowds to create a sense of realism and relatability to show that this is a vibe that you know resonates with your lifestyle too. Follow Youngnicee on Instagram to stay informed on future releases.

#hiphop #rap

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