Candy From Strangers - Access

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Musical duo Candy From Strangers brings us a vibrant track by the name of "Access" that impresses from the start. This track gives off 80's carefree energy while showing off the effortless talent coming from members Jay Crockett and Danni Holland-Ingram. Their vibe is like a match made in heaven! "Access" is the kind of song that reminds you of when you were young, experiencing your first time in love. Back when you weren't afraid to dive into an experience without inhibitions. The duo Candy From Strangers brings a professional and polished sound that's rare to find in the indie music world today. If you're looking for feel-good tunes to get you relaxed and in your zone, check out the entire self-titled project here. You won't be disappointed in the least bit!

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#pop #electronic

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