Tee Lonzo - Hold It Down - No Hoe In Me

Tee Lonzo hits us with the new track "Hold It Down/No Hoe In Me" boasting energetic bars that keep you glued to the track and anticipating the next line. With a flow similar to classic Lil Wayne, Tee showcases skill and personality that stands above many other rappers in the game and doesn't cause you to lose interest. Before the beat switches up from a playful to a more intense instrumental thanks to The N.E.W.S. & Low Ti'Ki, Tee Lonzo makes sure to let you know that he's the type that will never stop his grind. If you're looking for a dope track to keep your mind in the right head space for hustling with no breaks and no distractions, "Hold It Down/No Hoe In Me" is one that you need to have in your speakers.

https://www.instagram.com/tee_lonzo/?hl=en https://twitter.com/tee_lonzo https://www.facebook.com/tee.lonzo.3

#hiphop #rap

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