R.A.E. - Champion

Hip Hop Artist R.A.E hits the music world with an uplifting banger by the name of "Champion" that can easily fit into your hottest workout playlists. The beat hits hard as you would expect from many tracks in the current music era, but this isn't the type of song that would easily blend in and get lost in the sea of artists creating music in the same style. R.A.E has put in a lot of talent and relatability into this track. If you find yourself in the midst of some current life struggles and need a track to get your mind right, this is the one! R.A.E has great lyrical content paired with some very appealing singing-styled vocals that showcases the fact this girl has plenty of talent and versatility on display. R.A.E is a rapper, singer, songwriter and producer that you need to be on the lookout for! Be sure to check her out and social media and visit her official artist page below.

Social Media IG: https://www.instagram.com/realnexplicitmusic/ Website: https://realnexplicit20.wixsite.com/realandexplicitmusic

#hiphop #rap

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