Meet Gunnz (@Gunnz205)

The Go-To Guy

Moving and Shaking his way to the top, Meet the Star Creator Gunnz (@Gunnz205), The Record Exec who says:

"There is no such thing as a " No", " No's " get knocked down, Only accepting yes's and not referring to Yes Men, Lead by Example ".

Persistence Pays Fate brought him into a chance meeting with Todd Moscowitz ( who then was the Ceo of Warner Brothers Records, Asylum ). Todd was able to hear and see his vision, and feel his hunger, which opened up endless doors. Todd introduced him to J. Prince. After that history was being made; he had a plane ticket at his door the next day.

Deals On Deals Using that momentum, he initiated countless power plays, structuring million dollar deals, from Publishing to Artist contracts, to working on hit records. Lately, he played an instrumental role in the Tone Stith deal (@tonestith). Tone Stith who wrote and produced " Liquor", " Make Love" ( from Chris Brown ) and countless other records. Tone Stith also recently dropped his debut album, on Oct 20th on RCA " Can we talk ", toured with August Alsina, and is preparing for his 2018 tour. Not stopping there, by far; He also played an instrumental role in signing YBN Nahmir, who has one of the fastest growing singles out, "Rubbin' off the paint".

Game Changer

From Being Business Partners with Jas Prince (The one who founded Drake, as Well as The Son of J. Prince, Ceo of Rap-a-Lot Records) Working Relentlessly, "My Skill Set is different, I'm aggressive " as we can tell him not believing in "no's ". "Following up and Following Through, The Key To Execute".

The Future

He says "Streaming is where it's at". "It's coming back to Real Talent, Anything Real Sustains. Continuously Learning, He Thanks his Mentors, J. Prince, Jas Prince, Tunji, James Mcmillan, and countless others. Some of His Goals in the Next 5 years will be "To Help Change the Culture, I'm a firm believer that it takes a Village " A Trigger of Inspiration, be Prepared to Hear and See More about Gunnz in the future, A Record Exec that won't take a " No" on his way to the top.

Check him out on Twitter HERE.

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