Handpicked Hits from the Independent Music Scene


As a new music source, we specialize in promoting releases from the independent music scene worldwide. Handpicked by the A&R staff at Push Power Promo, these songs are definitely your future favorite hits from artists and musicians that you've never heard of.

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Q: What type of songs do you promote on P3 Hits and Push Power Promo?

A: We promote songs of all styles and genres. We support the audience that appreciates all varieties of musical influences and creative sounds, as long as it's good stuff. We focus on posting new music that has been released within a year of the featured blog post. 


Q: How much does it cost to get promoted on this blog?

A: We mostly promote new music that we enjoy for free on this music discovery blog. Some of the music promoted here is also a part of a promotional campaign initiated on our sister site, Push Power Promo. 


Q: How often do you post new music to this blog?

A: We believe in 'quality over quantity'; we tend to only spotlight between 1 and 4 songs per month. This is our effort to allow browsers to discover music that is of the highest quality. We also want to allow featured songs to have a spotlight that lasts longer than just a day or two. 


Q: How do I submit my new music for a chance to be featured on this blog?

A: We don't accept submissions on this blog, but we regularly promote new music that has been submitted through Push Power Promo. As this site grows, we foresee a direct music submission channel being added to this blog in the near future.